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Cashmodels specializes in talent and content management.   If you are just starting out, or a seasoned model, we help you maximize your earning potential.  Our team works hard to provide hands-on personal attention to fully develop each model and their brand.  Let us help you.



We are a top notch management company that specializes in creating stars.
It’s important to do things the right way when starting out in the adult business.
We make sure you don’t make mistakes and guarantee you a longer
and more profitable career by working with us.


We have a team member, who works for streamate.com, the largest webcam company in the world.
Because of this relationship, we are able to guarantee great hourly rates for webcamming.
This is a great way to earn weekly payouts while getting your foot into the adult business.


Telegram has over 700 million users worldwide.
There is a new platform, through Pretopay, that allows content creators
to make money selling their content on private channels on Telegram.
We have the exclusive to this opportunity.


Content that is created can be sold on many different platforms.
We specialize in selling content on every platform available.
If you are interested in making as much money as possible on the content you create, hit us up immediately.


Most of you at this point have heard of Onlyfans.com.
Did you know that this platform actually limits your creativity and will remove content and your account at anytime.
We have many backup options that do not do this.


We know we can’t do everything on our own.
We have implemented mulitiple referral opportunities for our talent recruiters.
If you have someone interested in getting into the adult biz, and we sign them,
you can make money from this referral for the life of this model.

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